Quarantine Look 5

First, let me say this…

As a creator, I should provide content on a regular basis, and I’m sorry for my inactivity. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have felt extremely unmotivated. I wasn’t moved to create, to write, or to do anything because I just wasn’t happy. The addition of schoolwork during the Fall and Spring semesters did not help either. I was extremely overwhelmed with my schoolwork and personal matters, hindering me from doing what I love. Now that school is wrapping up and those personal concerns have been resolved, I will have more time to write and create content, and I can’t wait for that freedom.

Also, the monotony of the pandemic is slowly starting to dissipate, as places are re-opening. I am anxious to do the things that the pandemic prevented us from doing. No doubt, a new school semester will come, and of course, that means more time dedicated to my schoolwork and on campus involvement. I fear those responsibilities will limit the time produced to creating content, and I do not want a repeat of this past year.

As my audience, I would greatly appreciate if some of you all give me advice. I would like to know how you stay motivated during physically and mentally draining times. How do you cope with these instances? What are good tools? Have you ever felt too tired to do what you love?

If you have anything else to say related to the questions above, feel free to respond comment and start a conversation! Thank you in advance for your recommendations and guidance! Also, thank you for your continual support, despite my lengthy break. It is greatly appreciated.

The sweater vest trend is taking over the fashion industry, and I am happy to be on board. Recently sweater vests were popularized during the fall. To suit the colder seasons, people wore turtlenecks and other inner garments under the vest, adding extra layering.

But, considering the current timing and the pictures, I modified the vest for the summer. As shown, there isn’t an inner garment to provide layering. Also, to show the skirt’s full detail, I even cropped the sweater vest.

The color is also perfect for summer. For me, yellow is a year-round color, but the way the summer sun reflects on the color is unmatched.

Perhaps one of the best things about this whole outfit was the pricing of this vest. I bought it from Goodwill…for $4.99. $4.99!! Almost five dollars for this stylish piece, an excellent advantage of thrifting.

I paired my sweater vest with this waist tied knit skirt. It’s extremely trendy: the Y2K era is taking over the fashion industry. With the long waist ties, this style perfectly compliments the time periods ideals. Y2K is about making louder and bolder statements, completely contrasting the minimalist styles that were popularized this past fall/winter season.

The waist tie adds just enough detail to this skirt, beautifully blending the two different styles. The neutral, white color provides a simplistic look, and the waist tie allows me to show my figure.

What I’m Wearing

Items are hyperlinked in the “Summer” portion of my Outfit Archive!

Sweater Vest: By far, one of my favorite additions to my closet. It has a very loose, casual fit, and on top of that, it’s yellow.

Skirt: This PrincessPolly exclusive skirt is extremely flexible. The neutral color fits multiple occasions, and there are multiple ways to style this piece as well.

Shoes: These elevated black platforms are super comfortable and easy walk in.

Socks: These knit socks are a perfect combination. Despite the knit material, they aren’t that heavy. They also stretch just pass my ankle, freeing some leg perfect for the hot weather.

Earrings: These gold oversized hoop earrings were a perfect addition. They matched my hair jewelry, enhancing this look.

Necklace: Minimal and versatile, this chain necklace completes any look. It’s also super light.

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