Quarantine Look 5

First, let me say this… As a creator, I should provide content on a regular basis, and I’m sorry for my inactivity. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have felt extremely unmotivated. I wasn’t moved to create, to write, or to do anything because I just wasn’t happy. The addition of schoolwork during theContinue reading “Quarantine Look 5”

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Quarantine Look 4

In the past, I have always stuck with basic clothing items and simple patterns. They were the safest option and honestly, a lot easier to style. However, this quarantine has allowed me to try something new. Of course, the basic, plain pieces of clothing will always have my heart, but sometimes pairing simple with multicoloredContinue reading “Quarantine Look 4”

Quarantine Look 1

I’m going to be honest: this quarantine has significantly changed my definition of “dressing up.” At first, I believed “dressing up” was putting on a classy dress, stylish heels, accessorizing with some bold jewelry, a killer handbag, and of course the jaw-dropping beat face. Once quarantine hit, that definition changed. Honestly, I now see “dressingContinue reading “Quarantine Look 1”

Quarantine Look 2

Neon will always be a look. It stands out; you are sure to make an impression wherever you go. Obviously, since we are quarantined, making a lasting impression on others was not what motivated me to dress this way. Instead I took a more personal approach on the neon: What does neon do for meContinue reading “Quarantine Look 2”

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