Quarantine Look 4

In the past, I have always stuck with basic clothing items and simple patterns. They were the safest option and honestly, a lot easier to style. However, this quarantine has allowed me to try something new. Of course, the basic, plain pieces of clothing will always have my heart, but sometimes pairing simple with multicolored designs can amplify your look.

As I wear more color, I notice its creative impact: it changes emotions, influences decisions, and overall, leaves a lasting impression. During this quarantine period, I challenge you to elevate your style with some color. Don’t settle for the everyday basics. Instead, branch out: create an unusual color palette, style that one multi-colored shirt, or just tie dye a white t-shirt. No matter what you do, I guarantee your splash of color will brighten someone’s day.

What I’m Wearing

Items are hyperlinked in “Summer” Outfit Archive! Check it out!

BUTTON UP: This top is something new I added this summer. I’m always open to button tops; however, they aren’t as detailed as this. This top allowed me to add more color without infringing on the overall look.

TOP: I would never categorize burnt orange as a summer color, no matter the style. This light weight, ribbed cami was a perfect addition; the color of the cami was a close match to the button up’s orange color.

JEANS: These light wash mom jeans will finish any outfit. Paired with a casual top, these jeans are a stylish, on trend addition to any outfit.

PURSE: Purses aren’t usually apart of my usual outfit of the days; however, the size and COLOR (anything yellow is amazing) attracted me to this bag. It isn’t big, it’s lightweight, AND it’s yellow. Also, check out the chain detail on the front; definitely a perk.

EARRINGS: The best accessory I could ask for, these earrings give any look a soft, yet glamorous feel.

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