What are Shel’s Series?

Shel’s Series are compilations of different fashion stories. Yes, I display my outfits, but I also go into more depth about some more than others. For instance, if I go to an important event, I like to document that event in a collection while also describing my inspiration behind my outfit choice! Below are descriptions of each Shel’s Series. To actually read a series, go to the “Shel’s Series” dropdown menu!

Quarantine Qollection

Given what is going on in the news—and literally outside your home—it is hard to put aside the worry and anxiety. Trust me, I know the feeling. The fear of leaving the house, the uncertainty of the virus’ true effects, the concern of what could happen, etc. It consumes our minds, and we ultimately forget what truly makes us happy. However, despite all of this, we need that happiness to get through these times. For me, being able to express my creativity is very important to me, and fashion is that outlet. It allows me to be myself and find comfort during these unsure times.

Of course, fashion does not completely eradicate the discomfort, but it does help me stay true to my identity. In this Shel’s Series, I hope to inspire others to find who they are through these times. As stated earlier, fashion brings me closer to who I am, and I encourage my readers to consider fashion and explore your individual tastes. What pieces of clothing make you the most comfortable? Why does it make you feel that way? What do you like/dislike? What’s your personal style? Answering these questions can be the steppingstones to your personal comfort, and I hope I can inspire you to achieve that unique look with my fashion experiences during this quarantine.

Latest Looks

No matter where I go, I always attempt to make a stylistic impression. Considering that fashion is my art, I want to show that to the people around me. So, whenever I leave the house, I want to fashionably stand out. However, sometimes other looks are more memorable and noticeable. This is usually due to the specific event where I wear my outfit (sometimes a certain event has a dress code or calls for a certain type of clothing).

“Latest Looks” is a Shel’s Series which documents those looks that particularly stand out in memorable situations. I have come to the terms with the fact that not all my outfits will leave a huge impression. But there are some that leave a lasting impression on me. I plan to describe each outfit’s significance. Hopefully, this series will provide some inspiration for your next formal event or casual outing. Or, it might encourage you to explore events taking place around you.

Shopping Small

Let’s be honest, purchasing from a small online business isn’t the usual route people take when it comes to buying clothing. The big brands are the ones that gain the most exposure. We are told they provide more options, are less risky, and sometimes, less expensive. This, however, shouldn’t deter us from branching out. As consumers, we value the genuine customer experience, and small businesses definitely have that personal edge. Their strong commitment to customer service is undefeated: they show their community involvement and intense dedication to the customer.

Finding a small business to support is , no doubt, a challenge, especially if you’re so used to purchasing from big brands. Usually, we are unsure how to start: how to look, what to look for, and where to look. This series is to help combat that challenge. Yes, I will display my outfits, but with each outfit, I will take a deep dive into the featured small business. I will inform you on my positive experiences, which encompass the quality, affordability, available options, etc. No matter what I comment on, my purpose is to put a new small business on your radar!

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