Boutique 2: Baby Doll USA

Located in New York, Baby Doll USA is an affordable brand, created by a college student. Their fashionable pieces suit women from sizes small to large, while also having a reasonable amount of pieces available for different styles. The brand produces feminine, flirty pieces (like this dress), while also selling some basic, casual styles for everyday wear. The brand is also not limited to clothing: they also sell stylish, detailed jewelry and other stylish accessories. No matter what style you are going for, Baby Doll USA stays on trend with their pieces to ensure their customers can be comfortable in any style.

Baby Doll USA did an extremely well job in all aspects of my order. They were very informative and efficient in their ordering process. Within a week (as I was promised) I received my order, and I was truly satisfied with my order. The quality of the clothing was amazing, not to mention every item was true to my size. In this dress, specifically, I ordered a Small; however, the upper part of the dress was a little loose, but it came with adjustable straps to suit different upper body types.

I recommend Baby Doll USA to all my ladies! This is a great small business to start supporting! You can find Baby Doll USA’s website here. Remember, use code “SHELBY20” to save!

What I’m Wearing

All items are directly linked in my “Summer” Outfit Archive!

DRESS: This mini dress, features my color of the summer: sage green. The color and material gives you a perfect summer feel. The adjustable tie front is very beneficial for girls of different upper body sizes. Also the little slit on the left is a small yet cute addition to this summer dress.

NECKLACE: This gold layered piece of jewelry is also from Baby Doll USA. This layered accessory can complete any look.

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