Quarantine Look 3

Summer is a wonderful time to experiment with new colors. Trendy pastels beautifully compliment this time of the year. The soft, calm colors are a great contrast to the strong, vibrant sun. Not to mention they are easy to style—just throw on some denim or color match.

This outfit allowed me to be more creative. I usually don’t wear pastel colors (unless it’s yellow). For some reason, I didn’t believe the colors suited my individual style. However, these tones made me feel the complete opposite. I will no doubt experiment with more these colors in the future. How do you feel about pastels? Let me know in the comments!

What I’m Wearing

Items are hyperlinked in “Summer” Outfit Archive! Check it out!

SHIRT: This sage green blouse is perfect for the summer. It’s lightweight, and the color embraces the summer season. This blouse can also be worn in a more formal setting if you pair it with some formal slacks.

PANTS: Light wash denim is a must have. Not just for the summer but throughout the whole year. These mom jeans are easy: they go with any top, and they have a perfect loose fit.

SHOES: One of my favorite shoes: The classic black Converse. Another versatile sneaker I own, suitable for all seasons.

BAG: I’m not a big fan of purses, but I have to say, this Shop Chere bag is beautiful. The size, color, and design is perfect. The purse also has little gold details which can match your jewelry.

NECKLACE: This gold chain is a bit heavy for me, but I love the overall design. It’s simple, and that’s what I love in jewelry.

SUNGLASSES: These round, black sunglasses complete any vintage look. The lens are framed with gold lining, matching my necklace and my purse.

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