Quarantine Look 1

I’m going to be honest: this quarantine has significantly changed my definition of “dressing up.” At first, I believed “dressing up” was putting on a classy dress, stylish heels, accessorizing with some bold jewelry, a killer handbag, and of course the jaw-dropping beat face. Once quarantine hit, that definition changed. Honestly, I now see “dressing up” as anything besides sweatpants and a t-shirt. More specifically, my whimsical, casual, streetwear style.

The look is who I am. At heart, I am still a child who enjoys those bold colors and strange patterns; however, I still find a way to balance that with more mature styles and comfortable favorites, and basic pieces. This look is the complete idea of what was previously stated, which is why I am so proud of it. It represents who I am. No matter if we were in quarantine or not, I would still rock this fit.

What I’m Wearing

All items are linked in my “Spring” Outfit Archive! Check it out!

SHIRT: My mom bought this shirt when we visited The Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. The museum had a very powerful impact on me and the t-shirt is a memory of who and what I came from. As far as I know, this shirt is not sold online; you will have to go to the actual museum gift shop to obtain this shirt.

PANTS: These are by far one of my favorite pair of jeans. They are baggy, which gives them the very vintage/streetwear look. They are also pretty high waisted (I have a small waist, so I would have to wear a belt), and the jeans are pretty long as well.

SHOES: Perhaps one of the most versatile pair of shoes I own, the classic Nike Air  Force 1’s never fail. They are sold at many shoe stores, as well as some clothing retailers (ASOS, Nordstrom’s, etc). These are my go-to sneakers, and I strongly recommend every woman has a pair.

SUNGLASSES: These are some super cute thin frames from FashionNova. Don’t tell anyone, BUT I wore them to hide the fact that I am not wearing makeup. I bought these around the same time last year; therefore, they aren’t on the website. However, FashionNova does have sunglasses similar to this overall design.

FANNY PACK: This is also from Fashion Nova. This bag goes with a lot of my neutral-colored or black outfits. One of the best things about this bag is that it has a belt that tightens a lot more efficiently than the usual fanny pack buckle strap. The different holes in the belt ensure that the fanny pack stays on my waist.

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