Quarantine Look 2

Neon will always be a look. It stands out; you are sure to make an impression wherever you go. Obviously, since we are quarantined, making a lasting impression on others was not what motivated me to dress this way. Instead I took a more personal approach on the neon: What does neon do for me individually? Am I empowered through these strong colors, or is this just another outfit?

For me, neon brings confidence and a sense of energy. Being stuck in the house, it is somewhat difficult to stay motivated, or be mentally involved in anything. However, wearing these colors eliminates the monotonous life that has recently encompassed our current lifestyles. I challenge you to find a color that gives you energy. Represent that energy and put it into something you would like to do. Sometimes all we need is a little positive energy!

What I’m Wearing

Items are hyperlinked in “Spring” Outfit Archive! Check it out!

SHIRT: This long sleeve zip up top is made of stretchy material, yet it still feels snug on my body. I don’t specifically remember where I bought this top, but Fashion Nova has a similar one on their website. This is a crop top, so it does show a little skin unless of course you pair it with some high waisted bottoms.

PANTS: Okay this might just be me, but I believe capris will make a comeback. I’m not sure when, and I’m not sure how, but I firmly believe they will become a trend. However, as of right now, capris aren’t that popular, which can be good thing. They are easier to stand out in, and in some stores, they might be pretty cheap. I bought these from Fashion Nova last summer, and unfortunately, they are not on the website.

HAT: Bucket hats are my favorite accessory when I have my braids. Whenever I don’t feel like doing my hair, throwing on a bucket hat is the ultimate solution. They are stylish, and they fulfill their purpose. This particular bucket hat is from Shein.

SHOES: My favorite sneakers, Nike Air Force 1’s. These are available at multiple retailers, but they are extremely popular. They compliment every outfit, while giving that classic, streetwear feel. If all else fails, throw on your Nike Air Force’s.   

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